Bad Breath Treatment in Melbourne

Bad breath aka Halitosis in adults is a common condition. It may have oral or non-oral sources of origin and have more than just social consequences. Halitosis reflects serious local or systemic conditions, including gingivitis, periodontal disease, diabetic acidosis, hepatic failure, or respiratory infection. Worse yet, a person with bad breath is normally unaware that

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Is There a Relationship Between oral health and overall health?

Did you know that your oral health offers insight into your overall health? There is a very strong connection that exists between general medicine and dentistry. In order to properly treat patients, all dentists should recognize this link and understand how to treat patients who suffer from various conditions. Here at GlenHuntly Dental Clinic, we

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Keeping your teeth happy and healthy during the Christmas season

Christmas is almost here! And with it, comes the excess. There’s something you should never forget, not even in Christmas: your oral health habits. With all your family lunches and the company dinners, it’s easy to ignore your oral health. To ensure your teeth get the best present of all time this Christmas follow these

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