All On 4 Implants


Today's best alternative to dentures or deteriorated teeth

Unlike removable dentures, All-on-4 dental implants are a permanent solution for a healthier smile for life.

“All-on-4” lets you replace your dentures straight away, without the lengthy procedure for conventional implants.

With All-On-4 implants, the technique involves inserting the two front fixtures straight in the front of the jaw, while the two back implants are inserted at a 45° tilt to provide the required stability and support for immediate fixed replacement teeth. The titling of the back implants also helps overcome bone deficiencies often found in the back of the jaws thereby improving safety and reliability, as well as in most cases avoiding the need for bone grafting.

All on 4 plus

  • Permanent solution
  • For patients who do not want to undergo more invasive tooth replacement procedures
  • Shorter installation time than other dental implants
  • Prevents future bone loss
  • Improved oral health
  • Strong natural bite
  • Prevents future bone loss
  • Full arch restoration
  • Enhanced confidence


Single surgery
Bone graft is rare
Dentist can select the best area for implant insertion
Recovery time around 1 week
$23,000 – $27,000


Multiple surgeries
Bone graft might be required
Implants can only be placed in specific locations
Recovery time over multiple weeks due to repeated surgeries
$3000 – $6,500 per implant

All-on-4 Dental Implant Process

phase 1: complimentary consultation

At your complimentary consultation, your dentist will discuss your treatment goals and options, along with the advantages and disadvantages of each one.


This part of the process is an important one, to ensure both you and your dentist have aligned treatment goals and expectations.

phase 2: smile preparation

To prepare your new smile, a 3D cone beam scan is generally taken at this visit along with dental impressions and/or a 3D digital scan of the teeth and face.


These scans and impressions are used to fabricate a surgical template for use on the day of surgery by the dental surgeon.

phase 3: trial smile

To make sure your new smile is right for you, you’ll get to trial your smile to see how your smile looks, how your bite feels and how your speech sounds.


From here, we can tweak your smile if we need to, ensuring your final smile is just right.

phase 4: surgery for your smile

Before the implants are put in, each point of insertion will be marked on the surface of the bone. Then, the dental surgeon drills pilot holes in the implants at precise angles to give them the most stability and strength while preventing sinus cavities and nerve canals.


When the dental implants are in place and properly secured to the right torque, the dentist will replace the gum tissue around the implants and close the incision area. At this point, the abutments holding the replacement tooth prosthesis get attached to the implant interface.

phase 5: final smile

The final phase of treatment involves the installation of the all on 4 ‘bridge’. The replacement teeth are inserted on to the implant abutments and tightened with a torque wrench to ensure that there has been sufficient preload on the abutment screws. 


The screw access holes are then filled and sealed. It is important to confirm the bite is evenly occluding. The restorative dentist will correct any premature interferences to ensure proper upper or lower jaw occlusion.


Missing Back Teeth | Collapsed Bite
Inability to tolerate Dentures | Lack of Bone and Gums


Standard immediate All-on-4 rehabilitation with
Alveolectomy and aesthetic gum replacement
Completion: 2 days



Decayed Teeth | Collapsed Bite
Excessive wear | Compromised Teeth


Upper & Lower
All-On-4 Plus rehabilitation with bone grafting
Alveolectomy and aesthetic gum replacement
Completion: 2 days