Dental Trends for 2022 and beyond

2020 and then 2021 threw up many changes and challenges for us all.

As far as the dental industry was concerned, these changes had an impact not just on the way we worked, but on the whole psyche around dental health too. While cosmetic dentistry has been around since the 1900s, it is more common than ever today, and people of all ages and genders decide to get cosmetic dental work performed for a variety of reasons.

While some forms of cosmetic dentistry may seem superficial, the boost in self-esteem and confidence can make a major difference in one’s mental health and well-being.


Online Meetings Reveal Smile Concerns

Working from home and online Zoom meetings, we suspect that a lot of people are reevaluating their smile now thanks to the proliferation of online video meetings via Zoom, Hangouts, and other conferencing software.

Video conferencing also gives you a different perspective on your smile. You see it from a different angle than you do when looking in the mirror. It can show you your smile more like the way other people see it, which can make you self conscious. We’ve observed this for years with selfie culture, but we’re finding that an entirely different set of people are experiencing a new sense of what their smile looks like

For some, this has given rise to an increased level of desire to whiten, to straighten or to give a little more love to their teeth.

So we do expect to see home whitening kits become a lot more popular. Call us to discuss GlenHuntly Dental Whitening System.

Composite Bonding – to deliver a smile make-over

Face to face online communications will lead to an increase in Composite Bonding treatments this year. For those who have not heard of this technique before, Composite Bonding is one of the easiest ways to solve different dental “imperfections” including chips or cracks in your teeth, discolouration, gaps in between teeth and a range of other cosmetic issues. The treatment involves applying a tooth-coloured composite resin material to existing teeth. This is moulded by dental professionals to create a seamless match with the surrounding teeth.

We are expecting to see more patients wanting this type of treatment to mask decay, gaps and minor problems.

Other Trends in Cosmetic Dentistry

  • Porcelain veneers are becoming more common than ever, thanks to the influence of celebrities and influencers who have them
  • 3-D modelling, planning and printing, as well as dental implants are viable options for younger patients (if a tooth is damaged, sometimes it might be preferable to replace it all together instead of just fixing problematic teeth)
  • More 100% natural and sustainable dental products. From bamboo toothbrushes, through to organic tooth powders, we are seeing an increased interest in a different approach to oral care which incorporates dental. Previously the focus has been on natural beauty products, hair care or healthier diets, we are now including our dental regime as part of our natural overhaul

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