Planning Your Wedding Day Smile Makeover

In a recent online survey conducted by Dear Doctor, leading source for trustworthy information about dentistry and oral health, 77% of those polled planned on visiting their dentist prior to their wedding. For some, this includes a thorough cleaning to remove stains for others refresh smile and eliminate bad breath.

However, a growing number of brides, grooms, and their parents are seeking cosmetic dentistry or more specifically, a smile makeover, to transform their smile for their special day as well as their future.

Take the first step towards the smile you have always wanted

To create your ideal smile, at Caulfield GlenHuntly Dental Clinic we will first meet with you to get to know you better and hear your concerns, goals, expectations and wedding day timeline.

Bringing in photos or magazine images of smiles that you consider beautiful will help to ensure that we understand what you find attractive, as beauty can vary greatly from individual to individual.

During this initial consultation, you will also learn about your smile makeover treatment options and what you could expect. Your smile makeover plan may include one or more than one cosmetic dentistry procedure. The number of producers depends on your circumstances and what is your dream goal.


What smile makeover may include?

  • Dental bonding. Repairing minor gaps, chips, cracks or stains on your teeth. Dental tooth bonding is a quick and easy process
  • Tooth whitening. Get whiter and brighter teeth fast
  • Porcelain fillings. Replacing the old styled metal filling with porcelain or tooth coloured filling
  • Porcelain veneers. Correcting the shape and colour of your teeth. May require 1 to 4 months. see us as soon as possible to ensure you have enough time before your special day.
  • Crowns. Renewing the lease of life of your weak teeth. Typically require 1 to 2 months advance notice
  • Dental implants. Replacing missing teeth or teeth that needs extraction due to health issues.

Which procedures do I need for me? Do I need to undergo all the procedures above?

Depending on your circumstances the number of procedures will differ. You don’t have to undergo all the procedures listed above but always remember that the result of a particular procedure will differ from one person to another. We recommend what is the best treatment for you.


Everyone wants to look their best and feel gorgeous on their wedding day!

With photos taken thick and fast and loved ones to welcome, you want to make sure you’ve got the perfect smile to shine at your guests and new spouse.

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