nib Members Choice Dentist in Glenhuntly Melbourne

We have been selectively chosen by nib as a nib members choice densist for nib customers.

By choosing a nib Members Choice dentist, nib members will be able to receive dental treatment at a discounted rate.

This high level of treatment and care will come at a lower cost keeping your out of pocket expenses low.

The nib First Choice Preferred Provider Network is a community of trusted health professionals who have been hand selected by nib as their preferred providers. It aligns with our belief that quality dental care should be as affordable as possible and that regular dental examinations and professional cleans are essential to one’s overall health. Glenhuntly Dental Clinic exceeded the strict requirements set by nib to ensure the highest quality of care for our mutual patients. These included qualifications, facilities, and equipment standards.

How Much will I get Back from nib?

At Glenhuntly Dental Clinic, you can access an array of dental services from examinations, preventative, restorative to cosmetic. By attending our dental practice, nib health fund members will receive dental treatment at a discounted agreed rate set by nib exclusively for nib first choice dentists. Your out-of-pocket expense is minimized as per the guarantee lower prices set on all services.

NIB’s competitive dental prices will have your whole family smiling from the maximum saving through rebates. Enjoy the Fixed percentage back of 60% -75% per visit up to your yearly limit (depending on your policy)


If you are a member of any of the following nib white label partners, you may also enjoy and receive these exclusive benefits when attending Glenhuntly Dental Clinic with an eligible extra’s cover. All of nib’s usual fund rules and claiming requirements apply.

  • APIA Health Insurance
  • Qantas Health insurance
  • Suncorp Health Insurance
  • AAMI Health Insurance
  • TAL Health Insurance


So What Does This Mean For Members Of nib?

  • Guaranteed 60-75% back on dental treatments (dependent on level of Extras cover)
  • Guaranteed competitive pricing (nib fees charged)
  • Lower treatment fee structure strictly for nib patients